Why Europe is wrong to kill Safe Harbour

05-anti-eu-flagI woke up this morning to this great piece about how U.S. Safe Harbour is NOT the problem in data governance between the United States and the European Union. I love Cynthia Rich from Morrison & Foerster (MoFo) points in all this especially “concerns about mass surveillance are not just limited to the US

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Growing public scrutiny and outrage over government mass surveillance are both understandable and legitimate. However, suspending the US-EU Safe Harbour programme on the false pretext that it facilitates National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance is misguided.

Conflating national security and commercial trade issues serves the interests of the Safe Harbour’s opponents, who have tried to derail the programme since its inception in 2000. Framing the discussion in this way detracts from the larger and more important public debate that needs to take place in the US and Europe about the appropriate balance between national security interests and the protection of civil liberties and privacy rights.



photo by: EU Exposed

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