US and UK Defeat Privacy and Security Online


An incredibly troubling and revealing article today at The Guardian – “US and UK spy agencies defeat privacy and security on the internet“.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at this – it seems obvious given the NSA’s mission that they’d work hard to do their eavesdropping, however it hasn’t always been clear or obvious to me the amount of effort, the level of investment, and the level of success they’ve been having.  Interesting what happens when the lights in the room get turned on and you can see what is happening.

So, more here on the balance between protecting citizens, freedoms, and national security – weighted against privacy and human rights.

What this also touches on is the looming “crypotocalypse” – the state of encryption technology today.  Currently the encryption hashing methodologies leveraging the multiplication of large primes is losing it’s battle against decryption techniques and computing power.  It has been the stalwart protector of data and interactions online, and it’s possible that may evaporate in the not too distant future.  More on that to come!


photo by: A. Strakey

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