Redfish Announces Open Router Project to Improve Network Privacy

orp1In the wake of the NSA surveillance mayhem, Redfish has announced “ORP1“, an open router project that is designed to protect users’ online privacy across all network connected devices in their home.  ORP1 will be a high-performance networking router with an easy-to-use interface that can run a firewall, IPSec virtual private network (VPN), and Tor server.

Here is what the company is saying about their product:

“ORP1 is a high performance networking router that allows you to run a firewall, IPSec VPN (virtual private network), and a TOR server for your home network. Its easy-to-use web interface will make encrypted and anonymised communications for your entire network easier to set up and manage. Now you don’t need to be a geek to be able to ensure that every device you use at home uses the internet with privacy, whether it’s your home PC, smartphone or tablet.

With growth in Internet speeds and the ongoing revelations that everyday people are having their personal information captured, we felt the need for a powerful platform that can be used to encrypt communications and protect our privacy and anonymity. An affordable and trustworthy system didn’t seem to be on the market , thus ORP1 – the Open Router Project – was born. We need your help to make this a reality.”

On November 26, 2013, Redfish launched an Indigogo crowd-funding project to raise $200,000 to cover the cost of ORP1’s first production run.  About half of this money is slated for the physical production of ORP1 routers while the rest is to cover system and compliance testing (FCC certification for electromagnetic interference and the Australian and European equivalents) — as well as design, user interface development, and finalizing the software.  The Indigogo project gives individuals the choice of a simple donation of $25 (Freedom Lover) all the way to Privacy Freak level.  For $450, Redfish will send you not only a first run production unit, but also one of their 10 prototype units.

Productions units of ORP1 are expected to start shipping in May of 2014.  Prototype units can be had in March of 2014.

As privacy takes center stage and our homes & devices become more connected, will you be a Privacy Freak?

One thought on “Redfish Announces Open Router Project to Improve Network Privacy”

  1. Tom Bartel says:

    This is an interesting find James. I use OpenDNS in my home, to protect my family from malicious or offensive content online. It seems like in combination with a service like ORP1 that you can run an effectively private and protected network out of your home for reasonable expense and without needing a technical background. Thanks for sharing the news, will be worth tracking!

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