R.I.P. Data appending

What do I mean by that? Simple, as I’ve said 100’s of times now, buying or trading data from sources that have no impact on relevancy to your customer base will always get you in trouble. Brands still need to be reminded over and over that they now live in a world of relevant marketing ideals and where we have access to modern marketing tools. This continued ideal of cheating on your existing data with non-relevant data has to stop! Simply put STOP BUYING DATA FROM THIRD PARTIES. It doesn’t help. It hurts your brands. Why cheat when you know that a little more extra work on your part will garner you the results your looking for in your marketing programs.

Your wondering what has me all up in ruckus right now. Well, it’s this headline from the LA Times (yes I left it bold as copied from their website for effect)

Dad gets OfficeMax mail addressed ‘Daughter Killed in Car Crash’

I mean, what in the world OfficeMax. I’m just shaking my head right now wondering who thought it was a good idea gain to buy data at OfficeMax again. FWIW, I’ve been also appended by OfficeMax so I could receive their latest brand and catalogs called Reliable Office Supplies in 2013. Funny, I’m not in charge of buying office supplies.

Remembering Mortality

I reached out to OfficeMax via Twitter and email in 2012/2013  and they responded, but had no idea how I got onto their postal lists. In fact, it was listed as Eloqua Corporation as the recipient, but to my home address which I’ve never used in business dealings nor do I buy things online from them. This made me VERY nervous. Took them months of pressure from me to finally say they have no idea of the data source, but no worries they’ve suppressed me. Yes, that was their answer, we’ve opted you out and don’t have any more problems *POOF*. Actually, it took an army to make them remove me. I had to contact the DMA Ethics committee to file a compliant who handled the case even through OfficeMax is NOT a DMA member, but should be from what I can see in their cruddy postal marketing practices.

What’s interesting to me now is that at the same time this couple lost their daughter in 2013 is the same time I started to see this incorrect mailings or what is some sort of B2B to B2C data appending. Wonder if it was the same data source? or same group of people causing them issues.

Why can’t some brands be ok with giving the consumer Choice on receiving their information? As I’ve said before, The Choice of Choice is Still Elusive to many brands out there. They seem to be stuck in the 70’s and 80’s of marketing.

Remember, this stuff is hard work. If it weren’t, we’d all be Millionaires by now

OfficeMax executives, your marketing people are giving you a bad name and you need to fire them. They aren’t helping your list growth. Can’t you see that? Forget my issue, take a look at how you hurt that family. When Is Enough Enough? Do what is right and market responsibly.
photo by: Andrew Stawarz

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