Peak Surveillance: Where is the top (or bottom)?

feld-thoughts-kids_designI hadn’t considered it in this way – “peak surveillance” but Brad Feld recently put this phrase into play with a post on personal privacy online… “Have We Passed Peak Surveillance?“.

It seems that in 2013, so much is coming to light about even more pervasive dangers and access to our data.  Threats abound online – as users have slowly come to recognize the balance that comes with using free and useful apps and tools online.  Most folks get the value exchange – that when a piece of software or online service or app is free – that they are the currency.  They will be subject to advertisements or their interaction data with the service will be aggregated and sold.

But now, revelations are increasingly going above and beyond that – that our own Government has been accessing this information – either by invoking a supreme right they believe they have, or as Brad notes in his post, by simply becoming one of those customers – paying the service provider for access to the data.

Just when we think we have peaked (or bottomed out) one still wonders… where is the end?

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