New Details in How the Feds Take Laptops at Border

Interesting tactics by the government on how to gain access to your laptop for a search. Could your personal or even worse corporate laptop be subject to this tactic?   -Dennis


Acxiom launches site

Most people are NOT aware that the buying and selling of consumer data that takes place without their knowledge by data brokers. You’ve seen this personally when you’ve received say postal marketing mail. I’ve always had issue with this considering that I’ve never given them permission to sell my data to…


Google Says It Can Read Users Email

That’s a bit of a salacious headline – but it cuts to the chase. Google has been responding to a class action lawsuit, filed in May, asserting that they “unlawfully opens up, reads, and acquires the content of people’s private email messages” – and that such action would violate at least…


US and UK Defeat Privacy and Security Online

An incredibly troubling and revealing article today at The Guardian – “US and UK spy agencies defeat privacy and security on the internet“. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at this – it seems obvious given the NSA’s mission that they’d work hard to do their eavesdropping, however it hasn’t…


Prank Call to NSA

A little tongue-in-cheek moment on the heels of this summer’s revelations about the National Security Agency here in the United States having access to citizens data through service providers and other means. This guy accidentally deleted an email from his Gmail account – “hey NSA, can you help me get…


Peak Surveillance: Where is the top (or bottom)?

I hadn’t considered it in this way – “peak surveillance” but Brad Feld recently put this phrase into play with a post on personal privacy online… “Have We Passed Peak Surveillance?“. It seems that in 2013, so much is coming to light about even more pervasive dangers and access to…

hooked up

Who Hasn’t Been Hacked?

It happens to us all – regardless of our level of savviness when it comes to online security and privacy. Even to CEO’s of security firms like Clay Johnson, CEO and Chairman of the Board for IONU Security. In his post, My Personal Email Got Hacked!, Clay relates an all-too-common…


OTA Report: Social Sites Beat Banks on Consumer Privacy

According to the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) – Banks are falling behind Social sites when it comes to online protections and privacy for their consumers. It is somewhat hard to fathom, given how much effort banks have seemingly put into security technologies online for their customers to interact with their services….


EU Council Deals Killer Blow to Privacy Reforms

Here is another interesting article today. Now, don’t take this for complete face value. Still lots of work going on, but we’ve been hearing this a bit on and off for a bit these past few months. It’s not over till the fat lady sings. For those who were concerned…


FTC Chair Stuns Advertisers

FTC Chairwoman Ramirez says Do Not Track system needed. Implies industry self-regulatory isn’t enough?! I’m stunned. The successful 2-year DAA program is being overlooked. -Dennis