What is your smartphone capable of revealing about you?

Recently I learned that a friend of mine had lost her iPhone.  Initial attempts to find the phone by calling met with failure – no answer means no one must have found the phone, right?  Using Apple’s “Find my iPhone” tool, she was able to determine the phone was still…

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Sen. Franken: Does Your Apple Privacy Letter Remind You Of This?

Apparently, Sen. Franken has deep privacy concerns about Apple’s new Touch ID mechanism built into their latest iPhones. Read the full Verge story here. After reading, I tried to recall where I had seen Sen. Franken express prior concerns about appendages?  Ah yes–during his classic interview of my all time…


#pii2013 You Are The Internet of Things

Yesterday #pii2013 in Seattle, there were some excellent discussions about the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it intersects with consumer (and business/public sector) privacy.  This is a topic I’m passionate about because it is the beginning of a revolution in privacy that is beginning to affect everyone — everywhere….


Google may ditch ‘cookies’ as online ad tracker

Did you see this news from USAToday? Google is getting rid of third party cookies which to me means they are “trying” to corner the advertising and tracking model a bit by ensuring marketing gets the most out of using their platforms and possibly away from the issue of cookie…


October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

I’ll start first by saying that the title of this post – well that’s the answer.  Next, I’ll just tell you “you’re welcome!” Why?  Imagine this.  You are on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire… or wait, make that… you are on The Million Second Quiz… The final question is…


Need a Privacy Policy for your App? Try this…

Bloomberg Businessweek is reporting that MEF, a mobile content and commerce industry trade organization, has launched a privacy notice generator for app developers. As an investor and advisor to many start-ups I think this is VERY good opportunity for mobile app developers to learn and understand privacy issues when it comes…


Read Our Lips: “You Are The Product”

I loved seeing this post the other day from Venture Beat and Meghan Kelly – Paying for privacy: Why it’s time for us to become customers again It’s a marvel to me that maybe users of online services still don’t get this. Last summer as I drove into work one morning,…

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Malver-what? Malvertising? Huh?

Malvertising. It’s one of those fun, tech, online, compound words that get coined – and while fun to use, and have a great ring to them, we don’t always know just what exactly they mean. Malvertising was in the news this week – which made me think of this today….


Federal Court: Non-Public Facebook Wall Posts Are Protected Under the Federal Stored Communications Act

The U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey recently ruled that non-public Facebook wall posts are protected under the Federal Stored Communications Act (the “SCA”) Federal Court: Non-Public Facebook Wall Posts Are Protected Under the Federal Stored Communications Act -Dennis photo by: Franco Bouly


Is 2013 the Year of the Privacy Engineer?

REPOSTED from International Association of Privacy Professionals Privacy Perspectives  Nascent is a term I often use to describe the field of privacy engineering. Not until this fall have the first students of Carnegie Mellon’s Masters of Science in Information Technology—Privacy Engineering started in the newly formed one-year program. And only in the…