New DMA Infographic: The Truth About Your Data

Nice work by the DMA clarifying the data lifecycle and numerous consumer opt-out choices. Click for the full post.  

YAHOO in 2001.

Yahoo! Mail Under Wiretapping Fire

Wendy Davis of Mediapost reported last week that Yahoo is also now being sued for scanning emails to target ads to their users. This comes on the heels of Gmail – also managing a class action suit in progress for essentially the same issue. Contributor Ben Isaacson recently discussed the latest…


Engaging on Privacy Is Not A Retardant, It’s Just Part Of The Evolution

If you had read my earlier post–I incorrectly quoted him as saying the word ‘retarded’ when he said ‘retardent’.  My deepest apologies to Robert for this error.  The post reflects the more correct comment and my revised sentiments towards that topic.   For the record, I’m a big fan of…


Despite What You May Have Heard, Perhaps Gmail Users Do Have A Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy

Here’s a choice quote from today’s ruling by Judge Lucy Koh that the Gmail scanning class action suit can continue: “a reasonable Gmail user who read the Privacy Policies would not have necessarily understood that her e-mails were being intercepted to create user profiles or to provide targeted advertisements.” Read…


Senator Rockefeller Expands Data Broker Investigation

If you haven’t heard yet, Senate Commerce Chairman Jay Rockefeller announced that he has expanded his investigation into data brokers by sending letters to twelve more companies.  The letters were sent to:, (Time Inc.),, (Sharecare Inc.),, (Conde Nast), (The Motley Fool), (Young Money LLC), (Galvanized Brands LLC), (ValueClick Brands), Brands), and “When consumers provide personal information in interactions with…


Key Resource: Schneier on Security

I wanted to take a moment and recommend one of my favorite resources for security and privacy intelligence. Schneier on Security. When it comes to security – both online and off – there are few in the world  I think of as more qualified an expert as Bruce Schneier.  I’ve…


Event: Morning of Mobile Privacy

If you are in New York City this coming October 17th, count yourself lucky… The Mobile Leaders Alliance and Celtra have teamed up on a great event to educate the industry on mobile privacy. A Morning of Mobile Privacy is timely – the issues in online privacy continue to flourish, but as…


Yahoo! Recycled Email Exposes User Data

A few months ago when Yahoo! announced plans to “recycle” email addresses which had seemingly been long abandoned, some people rejoiced and others cringed. Rejoicers included those who saw the opportunity to grab a unique “” email address – maybe something very distinct or identifying to them personally, like “bob.smith”,…


US Postal Service Prepares to Sell Email Encryption

As reports of mail workers monitoring letters surfaced this summer, the U.S. Postal Service was applying to trademark merchandise aimed at preventing snoops — outside the government — from hacking online communications. The potential product line underscores the struggle agencies face in balancing privacy and national security — all while…


FTC Native Advertising Workshop

Here’s an interesting FTC workshop for many of the digital marketers out there. The Federal Trade Commission will host a workshop on December 4, 2013 in Washington, DC to examine the practice of blending advertisements with news, entertainment, and other content in digital media, referred to as “native advertising” or “sponsored…