OTA Announces 2014 Honor Roll Methodology

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The Online Trust Alliance announced the methodology behind the forthcoming 2014 Online Trust Audit and Honor Roll, evaluating leading websites and mobile applications. This marks the fifth consecutive year OTA has conducted its Honor Roll Audit and Honor Roll report.

As an independent online trust benchmark study, the Online Trust Audit and Honor Roll will evaluate sites and mobile apps in three categories: brand protection, privacy and security. Based on a composite weighted analysis, those sites and mobile applications that score 80 percent or better will be recognized in the Honor Roll. Combined, this study includes over 800 sites including the Internet Retailer 500, FDIC 100 banks, social networking companies and government agencies.  More at https://otalliance.org/HonorRoll.html

A major component of the Audit includes the adoption of email Authentication and DMARC at the top-level-corporate and sub domains.  In addition, sites will be tested and evaluated for a broad range of security and privacy best practices along with SSL infrastructure, presences of XSS, i-frames and related exploits, malicious content and URLs.  This methodology reflects input from a multi-stakeholder effort launched in November reflecting over 100 submissions from the marketing, security and privacy community.  OTA is hosting a series of webinars on April 8 to aid web and app developers. More at https://otalliance.org/events/index.html


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