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Don’t forget that the Federal Trade Commission is holding a public workshop today, Tuesday, November 19, 2013, in Washington, DC, to explore consumer privacy and security issues posed by the growing connectivity of devices. You can watch the webcast here if your NOT in Washington, DC or are to busy to attend. This workshop is appropriately titled, “The Internet of Things

Federal Trade Commission

The ability of everyday devices to communicate with each other and with people is becoming more prevalent and often is referred to as “The Internet of Things.”  Connected devices can communicate with consumers, transmit data back to companies, and compile data for third parties such as researchers, health care providers, or even other consumers, who can measure how their product usage compares with that of their neighbors.  The workshop will bring together academics, business and industry representatives, and consumer advocacy groups to explore the security and privacy issues in this changing world.  The workshop will serve to inform the Commission about the developments in this area.

The workshop will focus on privacy and security issues related to increased connectivity for consumers, both in the home (including home automation, smart home appliances and connected devices), and when consumers are on the move (including health and fitness devices, personal devices, and cars).


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