Pro Tip on ATM Usage

I’ve always been fascinated with ATM “skimmer” technology and innovation. I don’t know why but these offline hacks in the real world, versus in the digital space, just feel so much more “Mission Impossible”. I’m always amazed that even while knowing cameras are likely rolling, bad actors will manufacture these devices,…


Help I’ve Been Hacked

There is a continuum among computer users when it comes to security knowledge and dealing with malware issues on a PC. From outright novices, up toward those who are proficient through business or school usage, and ultimately into the land of true security professionals. No matter where you fit on such a spectrum, having a personal…

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OTA Announces 2014 Honor Roll Methodology

The Online Trust Alliance announced the methodology behind the forthcoming 2014 Online Trust Audit and Honor Roll, evaluating leading websites and mobile applications. This marks the fifth consecutive year OTA has conducted its Honor Roll Audit and Honor Roll report. As an independent online trust benchmark study, the Online Trust…


Full Text of the President’s Remarks on NSA and Surveillance

Remarks of President Barack Obama Results of our Signals Intelligence Review January 17, 2014 – Washington, D.C. As Prepared for Delivery At the dawn of our Republic, a small, secret surveillance committee borne out of the “The Sons of Liberty” was established in Boston. The group’s members included Paul Revere, and…


US Postal Service Prepares to Sell Email Encryption

As reports of mail workers monitoring letters surfaced this summer, the U.S. Postal Service was applying to trademark merchandise aimed at preventing snoops — outside the government — from hacking online communications. The potential product line underscores the struggle agencies face in balancing privacy and national security — all while…

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Malver-what? Malvertising? Huh?

Malvertising. It’s one of those fun, tech, online, compound words that get coined – and while fun to use, and have a great ring to them, we don’t always know just what exactly they mean. Malvertising was in the news this week – which made me think of this today….


New Details in How the Feds Take Laptops at Border

Interesting tactics by the government on how to gain access to your laptop for a search. Could your personal or even worse corporate laptop be subject to this tactic?   -Dennis


US and UK Defeat Privacy and Security Online

An incredibly troubling and revealing article today at The Guardian – “US and UK spy agencies defeat privacy and security on the internet“. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at this – it seems obvious given the NSA’s mission that they’d work hard to do their eavesdropping, however it hasn’t…


OTA Report: Social Sites Beat Banks on Consumer Privacy

According to the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) – Banks are falling behind Social sites when it comes to online protections and privacy for their consumers. It is somewhat hard to fathom, given how much effort banks have seemingly put into security technologies online for their customers to interact with their services….