Ad Continuum

Twitter Ads & The Privacy Continuum

I have to admit, I like Twitter ads. On the eve of their IPO, here are some reasons why it fits nicely into the privacy continuum and will help drive their financial success in the years to come. It fits with social.  Many people would say that Twitter ads belong…

Burnt Cookies

The cookies are NOT overdone

Over the past few weeks there have been a few articles about Google, Facebook, and others looking at new ways to track users movements online without cookies. As a reminder, “cookies” are digital codes that websites may use to store information about your visit on your computer through your browser. Cookies can…

Tracking mileage

Automobile Black Box – A Source of Tax Revenue or Privacy Nightmare?

In an attempt to fund the repair of America’s deteriorating roads, environmental groups have been lobbying to allow the use of a “black box” in automobiles which would track mileage as well as location information, and use this to generate a tax bill. The LA Times reports that several states are…


Privacy-Related Book Review (Part Two): Age of Context (On Augmented Reality)

On Google Glass (ie; Augmented Reality).  In summary,  it depends. As with the first post, I’ve selected some choice quotes from the book and added commentary.  Before you read these quotes and commentary, please note that there is a ton of ‘context’ around them—so you have to read the book…

Students taking a computerized exam

Who is Responsible for Privacy Education?

On the back-end of the Direct Marketing Association annual conference here in Chicago I sit in my room thinking about all the good questions we had to answer here on privacy and marketing. I spoke on a panel “Top Five Privacy Issues… Revealed” and one of the question asked by Ginger Conlon, Editor-in-Chief…


Privacy-Related Book Review (Part One): Age of Context by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel

In summary, it’s ‘brain candy’.  Scoble & Israel extract many of the coolest personalization and gadgets we’ve often seen in books and movies and show us what is real, coming and truly possible in the coming years.   As a sci-fi fan, I’m really pleased how they addressed these topics with…


An Outsider’s Perspective on the California Personal Privacy Protection Act

A former California state senator (Steve Peace) and a retired litigator (Michael Thorsnes) are working hard to have Californians vote on their Personal Privacy Protection Act (PPPA). From what I understand, if they obtain the required number of names on their petition, it would be put to a vote in…


Snowden 101

Jay Cline is a well-respected expert in privacy, and in case you missed until now, as I had – has written a great summation of the Eric Snowden saga. Be sure to check out Jay Cline: What will Snowden leak next? over at ComputerWorld, when you get a chance. At one…

Lock Icon: Facebook

Facebook Removing Option To Restrict Searching By Contact Name

Facebook is removing the privacy setting “Who can look up your timeline by name or contact info?” and notifying users who’s profiles are hidden that they will now be searchable. They had already removed the setting in December for users who were not using it. The company’s intention it to…


New DMA Infographic: The Truth About Your Data

Nice work by the DMA clarifying the data lifecycle and numerous consumer opt-out choices. Click for the full post.