Automobile Black Box – A Source of Tax Revenue or Privacy Nightmare?

Tracking mileageIn an attempt to fund the repair of America’s deteriorating roads, environmental groups have been lobbying to allow the use of a “black box” in automobiles which would track mileage as well as location information, and use this to generate a tax bill.

The LA Times reports that several states are not waiting for congressional action.  Over the next decade they will testing “pay-per-mile” systems.  Thousands of motorists have already tested these devices, some of have GPS monitoring.

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We’d love to hear your thoughts on this!  Would you be willing to use such a device if your speed and location are not tracked?  Do you feel that this is just another government infringement on your privacy?  Leave us a comment below.


One thought on “Automobile Black Box – A Source of Tax Revenue or Privacy Nightmare?”

  1. Tom Bartel says:

    Definitely a slippery slope. Mileage numbers only, to calculate a tax makes sense, but imagining the other data, location specifics, that could be available for sale, or to legal discovery, that could be legally or illegally obtained – one can definitely see the concerns.

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